Wearing the Art on my Sleeve

I often get asked about my tattoos, questions like did it hurt? Do they have a meaning? Wont you regret them? So what better way to explain than to write a post answering those questions and to let you all have a good nosey at my tattoos in all their glory.

First up is the first tattoo I got (ill try to do them in order), on my 18th birthday which is located on the bottom of my back, a tramp stamp if you will.

At the tender age of 18 I had a small interest in faeries and thought it would be a good idea to get one tattooed on me forever. I found the image on the internet which was a fairy leaning on a bubble with her legs crossed however over the years many people have asked me why I have a pregnant fairy/butterfly on my back. Others have also mistaken her for a mermaid as her legs look like a tail…….needless to say I was so happy with this tattoo when I had it done but unfortunately 12 years later my tastes have changed and faeries no longer interest me. I don’t have any regrets in having this tattoo done as for me it started an amazing journey of ink. From what i can remember, it didn’t hurt too much, just like a constant cat scratch lol


Second tattoo was really random. My first serious relationship had ended after 2 years and i had a sudden urge to do something really spontaneous…….I wouldn’t advise a tattoo to best cure this urge but thats exactly what i decided to do.

wpid-2015-07-26-20.27.22.jpg.jpegI turned up at the tattoo studio and said I wanted a small random tattoo in a random place, preferable done today so I didn’t chicken out of doing something stupidly spontaneous. I had no idea what I wanted but began to look through all the tattoo magazines in the tattoo shop until I came across this random design. I don’t even know what it is but I thought it was pretty at the time and out of no where I decided it would go behind my ear. I think the adrenaline of what I was doing had taken over because I didn’t feel a thing with this one. I would say it has been the least painful of all my tattoos and I would actually like to add to it with something so any suggestions would be welcomed……

Tattoo number 3, a little ashamed to admit this but it was partly inspired by Melanie Blatt from Allsaints (the girl band not the shop) CRINGE!!!! (she had a small dragon tattoo on her side). I wanted a dragon tattoo as a symbol of love that I have for my dad. He has always loved dragons and collects them (ornaments) that decorate his home. Unfortunately our father/daughter relationship was damaged and we didn’t speak for a good few years, in this time I wanted something on me that reminded me of the bond we once had.


It is often said that the ribs are a very painful place to get tattooed, although I didn’t find it too painful. There were moments that were slightly uncomfortable but overall not too bad. This was the biggest tattoo I had at the time (mum wasn’t best pleased) but I loved it. I would cut slits down the sides of my t-shirts so that everyone could see my dragon tattoo, it was an important piece to me which I would say is where the addiction began. I saw body art as way to diarise my life as it happened in a beautiful way that would decorate my body. I began to plan more and more that I wanted to get…..

Number 4 came quite quickly after number 3. My Grandmothers middle name was Armina, which was also the name of the family home I grew up in. My Grandmother unfortunately died 6 weeks before I was born so we never met but I feel something very strong towards her spirit. From my mum’s stories about her, I know we would have bonded really well. I had a very happy childhood until my parents split when I was 13 years old. Me and mum moved out of our family home ‘Armina’ and I never really felt like I found a place to call home after that. I decided to get the name Armina tattooed on my foot, although I don’t have a photo of it as it has become very blurred and unreadable now to be honest. It sits just under my ankle bone on my left foot and I can tell you that it was the most painful tattoo ever. It only took 5 minutes but the pain was unbearable, to the point of where I nearly had to stop proceedings. I’m glad I had it done but it definitely needs some attention now so will look to have it re done and maybe added to

At the age of 20, I had got myself 4 tattoos that I loved and enjoyed but they were beginning to act as a sort of therapy to help me deal with life and the troubles that were facing me. Leaving home at 16, seeing my parents form new destructive relationships and trying to find out where I fitted into society was a battle, I had felt lost for a long time. I met a boy who seemed to understand this feeling of being lost, although I realise now that he was what some may call an ’emo’ and he soon grew out of it lol. During the time that I knew him, he wrote lots of poetry and one line in particular jumped out at me. It totally resonated how I felt and so became my next tattoo.


‘We can be surrounded by a sea of people and yet still feel totally alone’

At times I think everyone can experience this to some extent, although you will be pleased to know that I don’t feel this way often nowadays. As the tattoo is in the inside of my right arm, it has faded making it not that clear to read, however again I do not regret this tattoo as it marks an important part of my life.

Whilst having the above tattoo done, I spoke to the tattooist about having a sleeve tattoo. I didn’t have any ideas what I wanted yet but knew that I wanted to get covered in tattoos. The tattooist showed me a design he had drawn up which was more of a feminine piece with roses and swallows around a blank script. He told me that if I wanted it done, he would only charge me for the cost of the needles and ink, in return that I would attend tattoo expo’s and conventions with him to show off his work. At 21 years old, this offer sounded amazing and so I agreed to go ahead with it. Unbeknown to me at the time, ┬ámy left arm would become rather popular and to date has had 4 different artists work on it. I will leave this tattoo until last to show you as it is still a work in progress, 9 years later.

Ok so the next tattoo was my brother’s name. My brother and I have also been very close, despite being separated when our parents split up (he lived with dad, I lived with mum). I am big sister by almost 5 years and so always felt like I needed to look out for my little brother. We had always said we wanted to get a joint tattoo to mark our friendship and love as brother and sister. When I was 23 years, I rented a house with my then boyfriend and my brother. It was so cool living back with him, even if he never did any housework. One day he came back from work with a tattoo on his wrist, he had my name tattooed on him. I was so touched with it, that I decided I would do the same and got myself booked in for my next tattoo.


This tattoo is on the back of my neck and didn’t hurt at all. I love it so much even though it is just his name, it is and will always be the only name tattoo that I will put on my body.

In 2010 my dad had began to tattoo himself. He had been an artist for many years and so this was a natural progression for him to be honest, although he says using a paint brush is completely different to using a tattoo gun. It was in 2011 that I agreed he could tattoo me. I had seen the kinda of work he had been producing on others and was happy that I would end up with a nice piece.

wpid-2015-07-27-19.46.23.jpg.jpegIt’s not perfect and I want to add more to it over time but i love it. It is on my left side over the ribs and a little higher than the dragon on the other side. I decided this place as I felt it complemented the reasons behind the dragon. On one side is a tattoo for my dad and this tattoo is by my dad. This was felt a little more uncomfortable, perhaps because it is slightly higher up on the ribs. My dad was super nervous about tattooing me as his daughter too which I don’t think helped, but i’m really pleased with it. I wanted to get something to represent my love for music, as a dancer, music as been a huge part of the passion. For me, there is nothing better than to be chilling of an evening just listening to music, really zone out and chill. Music has been my best friend through so many situations in my life, so this tattoo was another important piece to my canvas.

Tattoo number…….ok i’ve lost count but this next one is possibly my favourite tattoo and it gets quite a lot of attention when it’s on show.


I had now got tattoo’s for my dad and my brother but I wanted something amazing for my mum and this was it. As much as I respect memorial tattoo’s, for me I think it is as important, if not more so, to tell people how much they mean to you whilst they are still alive. In my eyes my mum is my wonder woman. She is the strongest woman I know who has come up against some real difficulties in her life but she has always pushed through and given her best to right her wrongs. She is an inspiration to me and as much as she does my head in at times, I will always love her

This next tattoo was the second one to be done by my dad. The idea behind it was to mark a new chapter in my life, a new job, a new direction, a chance to put things behind me. It took a while to get fully adjusted but things are beginning to work out.

wpid-2015-07-27-20.47.42.jpg.jpegGanesha is one of the most recognisable Hindu gods. He is seen as the remover of obstacles, the deva of intellect and wisdom, along with symbolising new beginnings. The photo doesn’t really do the tattoo justice to be honest. It is placed on the top of my left thigh and looks awesome with cut off denim shorts. I’m going to add some beautiful henna inspired mandalas underneath him to fill the last bit of space on my thigh.

At the beginning of every new year, I get an urge to re-invent myself. Not to extreme levels, but i like to start the new year with a new hairstyle/colour rather than a resolution. At the beginning of 2014 I dyed my hair orange and got knuckle tattoos…..like you do.


These were done my dad and are my families star sign symbols. Pinky finger is my brother, Capricorn. Ring finger is my mum, Virgo. Middle finger is my dad, Aquarius and Index finger is me, Aries. You’ve probably guessed that family is super important to me and although we do not exist as one unit anymore, they each individually hold a special place in my life. Knuckle tattoos are really scratchy but over the years i’ve discovered that I have quite a high pain threshold lol.

The last tattoo that is still a work in progress is the Ox that I have on my right thigh. This is a memorial tattoo for my granddad who passed away last year. My Granddad was an Aries just like me, although symbolised by the ram, he was stubborn, head strong and passionate. Whilst he was in hospital, the nurses said that he was a strong as an Ox, determined to get home to his garden (his favourite place) but unfortunately after 13 long weeks fighting ill-health in a hospital bed, he passed away. The Ox is to symbolise his courage and determination, even in his last days, he wanted everyone to know his strength by taking a selfie with everyone round his bedside.


The next stage for this tattoo is to add colour. My Granddad was a bit of a maverick, he was creative, inventive and always bright spirited. I want to add bright vibrant candy floss colours to this piece so that it really stands out, almost with a psychedelic feel to it.

and so to the sleeve tattoo…..

So as I explained earlier, it was a design from a tattooist who was willing to only charge me for the cost of the needles and ink. I would go to the studio for my first 4 hours and when we finished up I asked how much I would need to pay. He said oh don’t worry about paying me for it, we will just showcase the tattoo at conventions. I couldn’t believe my luck but didn’t grumble about it. I then had another 2 sessions on it and was really pleased with how it was coming along. I called the tattooist to book in for my fourth session and couldn’t get hold of him. I visited the studio and they told me he had left, he had moved back to Wales without telling anyone……..what was I going to do? I had half a tattoo on my arm of someone else’s design. I left it a good few months before I contacted another studio to see if they would be happy to finish the sleeve for me. Lucky for me I found an amazing tattooist called Leigh Oldcorn, owner of Cosmic tattoo studio in Colchester. He explained to me that he could finish the sleeve but that he would be charging me full price….obviously lol. I was delighted when my sleeve was finally finished, Leigh did an amazing job with it and after 7 years of having the colour put in, it still looks as vibrant as on the day it was done.

The sleeve also incorporated a tattoo I had done back when I was 21. I had ‘what goes around, comes around’ written around my forearm like a band…..still had a little teenage angst inside me at the time lol. The sleeve was also originally only a 3/4 ┬ásleeve but last year I decided to make it a full sleeve by getting my dad to add a few more butterflies to it. We just have a bit of shading left to do.

So that’s me and my tattoos…..for the moment, although I still have space left for more. I will always love my ink even when i’m old and wrinkly because they are my experiences of life. We are only here for a very short amount of time, why not bring art to life by carrying it with you, it’s the only thing that you can physically take with you when you leave this place. As for most painful places, I would say it really is down to each individual. For me, the foot tattoo hurt the most but i’ve known other people who were not bothered at all with foot tattoos. Tattoos are completely individual and people get them for all sorts of reasons, regardless of if they are meaningful or not, tattoos, to me are as beautiful as the people who have them.